Winter Thick Cable Knit Wrap Chunky Warm Scarf

s1710065This is a lovely scarf that I received at a discount in order to test.  I chose the colorblock brown/khaki/charcoal color and it’s perfect for me.  The colors are all natural earth-tones and will match with quite a few items in my wardrobe.

The scarf is made out of acrylic, so it is fully machine washable.  That’s great because if I actually use this in my cold climate it’s going to get dirty and I’ll probably pull it up over my face so it will definitely need regular washing.

I’m happy to report that this scarf is also super soft.  The manufacturer claims that it is cashmere-like, and it really is.  Many scarves made out of acrylic are itchy and rough.  This one is very comfortable to wear.

I am never really sure how to arrange a scarf like this so thought it would be fun to get this so I could play around with it.  What do you guys think, any suggestions or ideas about which way looks the best?


s1710055This is available in colorblock as well as many colors so will work great for men or women.  Prices range from $10.00 to $14.99 each.  The one I purchased was $10.00.  Available at Amazon. 



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2 thoughts on “Winter Thick Cable Knit Wrap Chunky Warm Scarf

  1. Jan Lear Reply

    In addition to tying the scarf why not fold it in half and slip the ends through the loop.

    • Karen Post authorReply

      Thanks, I’ll try that! I know there are 1001 ways to wear this scarf. It’s like a new toy for me, lol!

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