Organic Beef Bone Broth from Best of the Bone Broth

broth1This bone broth is really awesome.  It quite seriously helped save my dog a couple of weeks ago.  She’s old and was not feeling well, did not want to eat or drink and we thought we were going to lose her.  I had made some chili using this broth and was impressed with the flavor, and that gave me the idea to make a crock pot of this broth for my dog.  I kept a full crock pot of this going for a week, it smelled heavenly even though the smell didn’t do it justice because the flavor was sublime.

broth2I started to put a couple of cups of broth over my dogs regular food.  I had been trying everything to get her to eat and until I did this she had completely lost interest.  Well, she decided this is the greatest thing and after I let it cool down enough, she started eating again and was also getting a good amount of liquid into her well.  Within a couple of days she rebounded and turned back into my happy and spunky girl again.  Call me impressed, and quite relieved.

This broth is absolutely fabulous stuff.  It is already in a liquid concentrate.  Read more below to learn about, you won’t be disappointed as this is not just a healthy super food, but it tastes and smells wonderful.  Great for a base for soups and stews, chili’s, and for adding moisture to shredded meat for all sorts of meals.

$41.99 at Amazon.  They currently has a 5% off coupon too!  There are three different flavors, and I have tried two – the beef and turmeric.  Both are mouth watering fabulous!

About the product
  • MADE FROM THE BEST AND GREAT TASTE: We make sure to use only premium grass-fed cattle that is hormone and antibiotic free. Best of all, we make our products using Australian Beef, some of the best quality cows in the world! There are zero bad ingredients in our products.
  • GET A COLLAGEN BOOST AND HEAL YOUR GUT: Bone Broth, it’s good for your stomach and contains protein to help build muscle. We’ve taken the best properties of Bone Broth and supercharged it by adding Collagen and 18 Amino Acids that come from the gelatine base of our broth. Delicious, healthy and easy!
  • EXTREMELY VERSATILE AND EASY: Add a teaspoon to a glass of hot water and get a hearty drink (perfect for Winter) or add to soups, sauces or a bolognese. All our bottles are plastic making them easy to travel with and save you the 48-hours it would normally take to make Bone Broth yourself.
  • INCREASE DIGESTION, LESSEN JOINT PAIN & RELIEVE STRESS – Bone Broth is known to help support healthy digestion, combat stress and assist in managing arthritis and knee pain without any harmful side effects! Our hand-selected ingredients will give the best results!
  • 100% FLAVORFUL & FAST-ABSORBING BROTH OR YOUR MONEY BACK – Use our pure beef bone concentrate for sauces, gravy or stock absolutely risk-free for 30 days and if you’re not 100% thrilled with its incredible taste, we’ll offer you a prompt and full refund!

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