GreenPro 50′ Heavy Duty Garden Hose

hose2This is a really nice garden hose.  It doesn’t kink, and doesn’t have a recoil memory so it’s easy to unravel and coil back up how I want without it getting all twisted.  It’s really great not having to wrestle with this hose especially when I need to drain it during the winter.  It easily handles the high pressure from my water line.

This hose is a great quality hose and definitely worth the $28.99 that it sells for on Amazon.  Click here to see more.

20171218_110707Here are a few more details on the hose:


  • The 2018 Pro Green rubber hose. 50 ft x 5/8 Diameter. This is a kink resistant hose. Coils easily and has 150 psi Working Pressure. Comes with Anodized Brass Ends.
  • Full Warranty is anything breaks for whatever reason. The hose is built to last in all types of weather including harsh extreme heat and cold.
  • Pro Green offers many diverse hose options which include: Standard rubber, Hybrid Polymer and our Expandable hose line. Our hoses comes in all sorts of colors and sizes to fit your gardening or washing needs.




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