A better mouse trap! by Kat Sense

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s1600005Even with four dogs and various visiting barn cats and owls, we still have mice especially every fall when it starts to freeze at night   The little buggers want to get inside!  We rarely get them in the house and I’m sure that is because of the dogs, however my barn and more specifically my tack room is a bigger target.

I hate putting poison out because I don’t want any other animals to get sick if they nab a poisoned mouse.  So you can imagine that I have tried every kind of mouse trap there is!

s1600004 It doesn’t take mice very long at all to get into my tack room and do a lot of damage.  They set up residency inside the horse blankets and saddle pads, quickly chewing and destroying very expensive items.  Nevermind how disgusting it is that they are also peeing and pooping on everything.  Then if there is any bags of feed they will chew right through the bags and make another big mess.

s1600002These particular mouse traps by Kat Sense are great.  Super easy to use, you just turn them over and turn the round knob to remove and fill with bait.  Then, it is super simple to set by squeezing the two end parts together.  That is literally all there is to it!  The really great part is that once you catch a mouse in it, you just squeeze the ends together to release.  No need to touch the nasty rodent.  These traps come with easy to understand instructions.  Just be careful not to catch your own finger as these pack quite a punch.  Ouch!

20161023_1326311This is a nice value too, four traps for $12.97 at Amazon.  I’ve been paying nearly that much for the old wooden style mouse traps at Wal Mart, that I hate to reuse.  I’ll never use that type again, this new design is a lot better.  I got a mouse the first night I placed these traps in my tack room!

I was glad to receive these to product test, I very obviously needed to get some new better mouse traps!  Goodbye rodents, you aren’t going to be in my barn very much longer!!


Product Description


•Quick, Easy, Humane

Like the name suggests, this Kat Sense® mouse trap quickly and efficiently takes care of your rodent problem — because you don’t want to mess around when it comes to killing mice.The Quick – Kill traps removes any chance of mice sneaking safely off with the bait, while its Precision Strike Technology kills mice instantly and humanely. Known for being one of the easiest and most effective mouse traps on the market, the trap sets in seconds.

•Unique Bait Cup and Precision Strike Technology

Other traps can sometimes leave you with no mouse — and no bait. Avoid the frustration of failed trappings and stolen bait thanks to the Kat Sense® cleverly positioned bait cup. After placing peanut butter or other high-protein bait into the bait cup, raise the grooved handle on the kill bar and click it into place. When a mouse slightly touches the trap to access the bait, the kill bar is released. Its Precision Strike Technology enables perfect placement for a quick, humane kill every time.

•Reuse or Toss

Constructed of durable plastic, the Kat Sense® mouse traps can be used repeatedly. After catching the mouse, simply raise the kill bar handle to dispose of the dead rodent. Feeling a bit squeamish? No problem. The trap can just as easily be completely thrown away, along with the kill. Either way, when you need that mouse gone fast, turn to the Kat Sense® Snap Mouse Trap for taking care of it instantly.

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    • Karen Post authorReply

      Thank you! The traps are working really well, I’ve been catching one mouse a day in the barn!

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