If you like chocolate and mint you’ve got to try this tea!

teatropicsmintChocolate Mint Slim Tea – what an amazing find.  This is better than a thin mint, the flavor is divine and the aroma is to die for.  The tea bags yield several cups of tea, so you are able to get a lot more than 14 days out of a bag.  I’ve been getting four 16 ounce mugs of tea from one bag, which brings the cost of the $18.99 bag to roughly .34 cents per cup.

This tea is Made in the USA, is non GMO, and contains natural metabolism boosters.  It has helped me with appetite suppression and the wonderful aroma and flavors certainly are soothing and relaxing.  This is a terrific after dinner tea, great for drinking in place of having dessert.

This tea is available at Amazon, in 14 and 28 day sizes.  Click here to go to their product page.  This company also makes other flavors, and the bags are resealable so the tea stays fresh.

teatropicsmint2About the product
  • DETOX & CLEANSE – This Teatox Cleanses and Purifies your Body of Wastes and Toxins which Bloat You. Proven and Tested to Boost Your Metabolism and Energy. Help Get Rid of bloating and Reduces Stress levels. Gentle way to help the body cleanse itself.
  • ACCELERATE FAT LOSS, BOOST METABOLISM & ELIMINATES BLOATING Burn calories at a faster rate. Our blend of superfoods contains natural metabolism boosters that help torch excess fat. Our blend promotes healthy digestion, reduction of bloating and reduction of appetite. Tea Tropics Detox Tea is high in antioxidant cleansing power that helps reduce inflammation and eliminate belly fat.
  • UNPARALLELED TASTE, QUALITY AND SATISFACTION GUARANTEE Enjoy the delicious Chocolate Mint flavor and aroma of our unique and carefully crafted pharmacopoeial grade herbs formula that has been refined multiple times through blind taste tests. If it is not your favorite tea, let us know within 30 days and we will make it right.
  • SUPPRESS APPETITE & IMPROVE MOOD The peppermint helps to control appetite and suppress cravings, decreases anxiety and fatigue, calms digestive tract & keeps things moving.
  • MADE IN THE USA All our teas are made in the USA. Ditch the normal run-of-the-mill boring tea bags with our classy and american-made triangle bags.

Join the all-natural detox movement!
Accelerate your metabolism, fight bloating, and cleanse your body. Burn more fat without fasting or going on fad diets. It’s simple, it’s safe and it works! Eliminating the toxins that your body is holding on to will allow it to function properly, burn calories and have natural energy levels daily!

Eliminates Bloating & Toxins
Flatten your belly and flight bloating. Our all-natural blend promotes healthy digestion, helps your body shed water weight, relieve uncomfortable gas, and deflate your belly. Reduce inflammation, boost immunity, and improve skin health by flushing out harmful toxins that build up over time. The tea is high in antioxidant cleansing power that helps fight damage to your cells.

What sets us apart
The quality of the herbs we use is all NON-GMO, vegan hard to pronounce, difficult to meet, and it’s what makes us different and better than everyone else. Pharmacopoeial: it’s the quality standard our herbalists can rely on when blending teas for your health and wellness.

These traditions contain the wisdom of how to use plants
The right parts of the right plants for the right purpose. It is from these sources of wisdom that we have learned how to create the herbal blends we offer to you. Our herbalists adhere to these principles create rational, time-tested blends that you can rely on.

Nothing to loose
We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. If you’re not happy with your new tea let us know within 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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