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Horse Trailer Ties

Horse Tie Comparisons

Trailer Ties

Trailer Ties



Tie Rite

Tie Rite

Last updated: February 21, 2010.

Email Karen if you would like to provide additional information on any of these or similar products.  The product that I use is the Trailer Tie (see my photo of Weaver and Chief), formerly known as the Hi Tie.

I did not include brands that are no longer being manufactured. I removed the ones that are no longer available and that you can no longer find a way to contact as of 10/21/2009.

To read some of Karen’s comments, click here.


Equestrian Rider Products Trailer Enterprises, Inc. TieRite, Inc.
$299 $279 $299
The Trailer Tie e was developed to provide a more comfortable and safer alternative to trailer tying and portable corrals. The Trailer Tie gives horses free movement and access to an area equivalent of a 13 foot diameter round pen. This safe, controlled movement gives horses the ability to graze, eat, drink, roll and lie down while tied.

Made in the USA!

Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Tilt-Tie gives you a safe place on the trail or away from the ranch to safely tie your horse.

Adjustable Spring Tension: The only tie with tension adjustment!

Allows your horse to comfortably lie down, roll or frolic, or safely be tied overnight.

Can easily be installed to just about any location; trailer, barn, corral, etc. (additional base brackets available).

Covered by our 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Proudly made in the USA

With the patented TieRite™ system, finally there’s a safer way to tie your horse – safer for the horse AND your trailer !

Obviously a spooked or agitated horse is capable of serious damage, to both itself and whatever it’s near. When tied directly to a trailer, the rigid restraint and blind spots can magnify their sense of unease. With a TieRite™ system, a horse can be tied a safe distance away, limiting the risk of pawing or damaging your trailer. With full 360 degree mobility, they’re aware of their surroundings, making for a calmer horse.

Quality and Durability: The Trailer Tie components are manufactured by a leading hitch and receiver company. All rugged steel components are chromed for appearance and to avoid rusting. The fiberglass rod used in the Trailer Tie system is also used in mooring whips designed to dock and protect boats up to 72,000 lbs. The patented bungee tether has been tested in equine conditions for several years. It is simply the best horse tie on the market.

Length of arm: 49″ when mounted, providing 135 square feet of usable space.

The Tilt-Tie’s patented rugged design is unique also because of the Adjustable Spring Tension. This feature is unlike any other tie on the market. This feature lets you set the spring tension at whatever level you prefer. Heavy resistance for the big and heavy (preset setting), and lighter for the light or miniature.

The Tilt-Tie has a neat covered spring, a rubber grommet to protect the end of the tie stick, and a bull ring with panic quick release and swivel for you to hook the tether of your choice. (Adjustable enclosed tether recommended.)

The Tilt-Tie is an easy to install overhead tie that allows for multiple location ties. Simply add additional receiver base units.

Length of arm: 40″

Here the link to the slide show
Here is the link to the testimonials
Special Features:

• Brand new streamline handle design

• Adjustable to 3 heights from the ground,

no climbing necessary

• The exclusive TieRite™ tether gives a horse 360° mobility

• Flexible arm, gives to pressure

• Multiple Safety Break aways!

• Hay bag mount and swivel Turtle Snap™ tether included!

• Registered Patent!


Made of lightweight aircraft grade aluminum, the TieRite™ is quick to set up, and folds away in a locked position while traveling. One of the best investments you can make while traveling with your horse.

The new space saving handle design allows for windows to fold down with no interference.

The TieRite™  tether made my Turtle Snap™, is exclusively designed for the TieRite™.  The tether  employs a simple scissor snap that clips onto the flexible arm and swivels for full range of motion. Included Free! (4 ft. tether)

The new streamline TieRite™ design has shorter mounting arms which makes for easy placement in tight spots and on the ends of trailers.

Adjustable, the TieRite™ arm easily adjusts to 3 heights from the ground to fit any trailer/horse height.

Extra “eye bolt” included with package to mount on the left side of the TieRite™ for ideal hay bag mounting.

TieRite™ holds the patent for this safer way to tie your horse.

MOUNTING INFO:The Trailer Tie Swivel Receiver should be mounted on the outside of the horse trailer or building at 7 feet (84 inches) above the ground.

It is very important to mount the receiver on an area of the trailer or building that has a support beam.

For multiple locations, do not install units closer than 10 feet. Horses will tangle.

The Trailer Tie stores flat against your horse trailer while traveling.

There is no need to remove the Trailer Tie arm…. ever. It’s as simple as removing the locking pin, rotating the arm and then replacing the pin.

An innovative new product for the horse and equine industry. The Tilt-Tie is superior by design. The first thing that sets the Tilt-Tie apart from any other horse tie of this kind is the Adjustable Spring Tension. By simply removing the tie post from the flex arm base and turning an 11/16th inch nut on the bottom of the flex post clockwise or counter clockwise you can change the resistance force that the tie creates.  The Tilt-Tie is the only tie to give you this very important capability.

The Tilt-Tie has also addressed the issue of the base and the flex arm base rattling. This is especially annoying when trying to sleep in the trailer with the tie attached. Tilt-Tie has a one of a kind pin and hinge design that allows the aluminum base and flex-post to work quietly and smoothly. This is accomplished by two nylon bushings, which serve two functions in fact, they also eliminate any problem with wear or binding that occurs when rubbing aluminum to aluminum while eliminating rattle at the swing and hinge point.

MOUNTING INFO: Can easily be installed to just about any location; trailer, barn, corral, etc. (additional base brackets available).

Click here to download a parts manual and the owners manual.



Extra backing plates are included with the package to use for additional support (or) as spacers to create a flush mounting surface to help keep the TieRite™ straight.

If trailer frame is secure enough it may be mounted with 4 bolts on the top with the backing plate on the inside. (Or) use the additional mounting plate on outside behind TieRite™ for extra strength.

The 5 SCREWS that are installed on the TieRite™ should be reinforced with “Lock-Nut” or “Lock-tight” to secure the screws in place and to help prevent any travel vibration to shake them loose.

We recommend using a “silicon spray” on the rubber snap on the inside channel latch to help lubricate the TieRiteTM for easy glide and fastening.

Line the TieRite™ up with a interior beam when mounting.

Mount as high up as possible.


The TieRite™ is designed with wide backing plates so it can easily be installed in buildings or arenas with 24” stud centers.

Click here to download installation manual.

WARRANTY INFO: ERS guarantees the quality and workmanship of the Trailer Tie system for 1 year from the date of purchase. Guarantee does not cover normal wear, misuse or abuse. We will not replace product prior to our inspection. WARRANTY INFO: Covered by our 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. WARRANTY INFO: TieRite™ holds a one year free replacement unit from the time of purchase.  To qualify for this warranty, you must purchase your TieRite™ directly from TieRite™ Sales Incorporated or an authorized dealer.  At time of product replacement, the broken TieRite™ must be shipped to TieRite™ sales.   The warranty will be void if the TieRite™ system was not in proper use by using the Turtle Snap Swivel tether system.  Shipping of units not included.

6 comments to Horse Trailer Ties

  • You don’t have Tilt-Tie posted yet. Can you will you do so? You may email or call me at (301-791-1469 if you need any information


    Jim Martin

  • moog by federal mogul is and will always be the industry leader.

  • Gail

    I have the Tie-Rite system and have been very happy with it. I have many friends who have the Hi-Tie system and are equally as happy. I installed bucket hangers on both sides of my trailer and can hang a water bucket on it anytime I tie my horse to the trailers (day rides & campouts)and find this very convenient. I tie a hay bag to the horse tie on the side of the trailer and my horse is set for the night, etc I like that it only takes about 5 minutes to have my horse completely set up. I often also set up an electric pen if there is good grass and my horse likes to lay down flat to sleep. I like having serveral options for containing my horse. (I also have a regular high line system in my trailer).

  • Linda McAskill

    Purchased and installed the Tie Rite April 2010. last week the flexible arm broke close to the metal portion, near trailer. horse did NOT pull or jerk on it. hmm. $75 plus $20 shipping just for the flexible arm without any of the metal.
    May 2014.
    Enumclaw, WA 98022

  • Michelle

    Do you have any current research on these products? I am looking to purchase one. I am very interested in the TieRite but have the impression that the company has closed down. Thanks for any insights.

  • Bill

    I have a telescoping portable corral, panels are 8′ long collapsed, 15′ extended. 4 panels make a nice camping pen. They mount on the side of the trailer for travel. Only downside is the weight, about 50 pounds each.
    Also have a hi-tie, the one with the fiberglass rod. It works well. I’ve heard that the trailer should be connected to the tow vehicle for stability when using any of this type of tie. Would appreciate feedback on this.
    My original setup was the old fashioned rope high line which I still use occasionally.
    My horse does equally well on all three.
    Happy and safe trails to all.

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