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Hoof Boots

Karen Chaton and Tigger at the Virginia City 100

Karen and Tigger at the Virginia City 100. We used glued on Easyboot Gloves. Photo: Merri Melde

Karen and Granite Chief at the Brye Canyon XP. Photo by Steve Bradley.

NEW:  My review of Renegade Glue-Ons after doing 2000 miles in them on the 2011 XP!!  Chief and Bo were awarded the Best Performance award; they completed every single mile of trail – something nobody else accomplished.  I’m quite proud of them both!!   Thank you Renegade Boots!

Here are photos of some of my endurance horses at rides.   The first photo is of Granite Chief using Renegade strap on hoof boots at the Bryce Canyon XP.   This photo ended up on the cover of Trail Blazer!

Chief has completed more miles barefoot and in hoof boots than any other horse in the history of the AERC!!

2011 will be Chief’s 7th ride season going unshod and using boots and his 10th ride season total.  In the 2010 ride season, Chief reached 10,000 lifetime miles.  He is currently well past 11,000 miles!

I completed the majority of my 2010 endurance rides using strap on boots on my horses.  I seem to have reached a point where these boots are working extremely well for them.  I’m happy!

The second photo is of Tigger and I at the Virginia City 100 in 2009, where we completed in the top ten and were using glue on Easyboot Gloves.

Bo used glue on Renegades at Tevis this year – see his Cougar Rock photo below.  I glued his boots on myself and they stayed on!

The last two photos are of Chief and are from the Eastern Mojave, and of the Color Country ride in a previous year where he completed 155 miles using foamed on Easyboots.

During the last two ride seasons, I placed more effort into pulling boots during rides on both horses whenever the footing was good and riding them barefoot.  This was a lot of fun to do.  I love having the flexibility to be able to do that.

Tigger has completed every endurance ride he’s ever done barefoot and using boots.  You can find photos of all of my horses bare hooves in my blog and on Facebook.  Tigger also completed the Tevis this year with Dave Rabe.

I prefer to use glue-on boots for special occasions like one day 100’s or for when I’m planning to ride the same horse multiple days at a multiday ride.  Like I mentioned above, in the 2010 season, I have completed the majority of my nearly 2500 miles using strap on Renegades.  Lifetime – at least half of my nearly 27k lifetime miles has been in strap on boots of some sort, with my horses in total completing around 30,000 miles total using hoof boots (I used them over shoes before I wised up and figured out that it works even better to keep the horse’s barefoot!).

I’m not a big fan of glue on hoof boots.  Simply because I feel like they are more a step backwards than a step forward in regards to natural hoof care and are not conducive to keeping a hoof healthy long term.

I find it hard to accept that it’s natural to completely seal up a horse’s hoof for days or weeks at a time.  Nevermind the prep work that is involved that requires rasping off the outer part of the hoof wall (I try to do the minimum amount required, but I’ve seen many get fairly aggressive with this).  I also disagree with those that use toxic chemicals to glue their boots on or for adding additional cushioning in the sole.

If anybody has questions about using hoof boots or barefoot feel free to ask away.  If I can’t help maybe I can refer you to somebody that can.  My email is

My horse Bo had a really good 2010 ride season.  Bo completed a total of 1000 miles including two 100’s.  He completed the Tevis with glue-on Renegades, otherwise he uses Renegade strap on boots, or goes barefoot.  Bo finished 2nd in my weight division in the west region.

Chief had an even better year than Bo did.  Chief completed 1475 miles and finished 1st in my weight division in the west region.  He also placed well in the AERC National Mileage standings.  Not bad for a horse with more than 10,000 miles!  Recently, Chief completed all three days and 155 miles of the Desert Gold Pioneer ride at Fort Ord, CA.

You can also find more hoof boot tips on the main page of my blog – search field is in the top right hand corner of the page, or look by the hoof boot category.  I’ve also got lots of photos posted on my blog and on Facebook showing what my horse’s bare hooves look like.  A natural shaped hoof is going to work best if you intend to use boots with success.

Karen and Chief at the Color Country Pioneer. Chief completed 155 miles using Easyboots foamed on. Photo: Steve Bradley

Karen and Chief at the Eastern Mojave Ride. Chief reached 8,000 miles at this ride. We were using glue on Renegades. Photo: Steve Bradley

Hoof boot swap page

Renegade Toe Straps – Boot Tip

Renegade Hoof Boot Review, by Karen Chaton

Renegade Glue-On Hoof Boot Review with gluing instructions, by Karen Chaton

Renegade Glue-On Hoof Boot Instructions Video – Part I

Renegade Glue-On Hoof Boot Instructions Video – Part II

Renegade Hoof Boot Tip – Gluing Pads

Here is a link to my Hoof Boots page on the main site. There is a lot of information there.

My original Easyboot 101 articles can be found here:

Easyboot 101: Part 1, by Karen Chaton

Easyboot 101: Part 2, by Karen Chaton

Below is a photo album of Pro Bono’s Renegade strap-on hoof boots that he used at the Cuyama XP.  Bo has been going fantastically well in these strap on boots.  I never touched them once all day during the 50 at Cuyama – these photos show how the boots looked while on him and also after removal and cleaning.  There are some closeups showing how I adjust the toestraps too.

3 comments to Hoof Boots

  • Sara

    I’ve got two mustangs … hard feet and primarily self maintained. I file them down a little on occasion and when needed i call out the farrier (maybe twice a year). they have never been shod or had boots on … should i use boots on rides or just leave them barefoot and naturat since they are mustangs and bred for it.

  • Anna Sögaard

    I´m so excited to read about using Renegade boots for endurance. I do use them to – here in Denmar – Europe, but I only compete 50 miles on my booted paint horse gelding… So interested for me in Europe to read+see all about Tevis cup and the great nature you have in the US!

  • I like hoof boots the most, as they are significant in tough terrain riding. Thanks for providing detailed knowledge of hoof boots. All pics are wonderful!!

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