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Endurance Rider Education

Useful Web Links related to Endurance and Rider Education

What’s in a name. By Terre O’Brennen.

Getting Started
AERC New Members Page
Beginning Endurance Rider Information: from Endurancenet
Conditioning for Your First Endurance Ride: from the Southeast Endurance Riders Association
Endurancenet The Online Source for Endurance and Distance Riding
FAQ from the Southeast Endurance Rider Association

Online Listserves & Email Groups
Unofficial AERC Members Only Email List

Regional Organizations
Local Clubs

Training, Conditioning & Exercise Physiology
Pub Med Abstract, Dietary energy sources affect insulin sensitivity and beta-cell responsiveness of trained Arabian geldings during endurance exercise.
Equine Physiology Research
Mammalian Skeletal Muscle Fiber Mutability
The Benefits of Equine Breathing for Endurance Horses
Pub Med Abstract, Airway cooling and mucosal injury during cold weather exercise.
Pub Med Abstract, Cold weather exercise and airway cytokine expression.
Heat acclimation improves regulation of plasma volume and plasma Na+ content during exercise in horses
Developments in the reduction of heat stress in the endurance horse
Is Your Horse Fit? The Physiology of Conditioning
Scientific Principles for Conditioning Race and Performance Horses, in pdf
ICEEP Proceedings, The premier source for information on the athletic horse
The Equine Heart: how it works & what can go wrong , By Todd C. Holbrook, DVM
Conditioning Sport Horses, Dr. Hilary Clayton
The energetics of the trot gallop transition, California State Polytechnic University
The energetics of the trot gallop transition , in pdf
Biochemical and energetic determinants of the walk–trot transition in horses, California State Polytechnic University
Antioxidant supplementation and subsequent oxidative stress of horses during an 80-km endurance race, in pdf
Pub Med Abstract, Heart rate and blood lactate responses during exercise in preparation for eventing competition.
Equine sweating responses to submaximal exercise during 21 days of heat acclimation , in pdf
Pub Med Abstract, Prolonged suppression of the innate immune system in the horse following an 80 km endurance race.
Pub Med Abstract, Effect of exercise intensity and repetition on heart rate variability during training in elite trotting horse.
Articles from the Southeast Endurance Rider Association
Pub Med Abstract, A lactate-guided conditioning programme to improve endurance performance.

Training – Other
The Bit Gallery
How to Catch Any Horse
Equine Biomechanics through Mental Images, by Dr. Deb Bennett
Training Articles, by Jim Holland
The How-To’s of the Hobble
Leg Restraints & NH
Creating a Submissive Attitude in Your Horse
Training Horses To Hobble
Bit Severity
Animal (horse) behavior

Nutrition & Healthcare

Worming Horses – really good info!
A Summary of the Effects of Feeding and Daily Variation on Acid-Base Status in Resting Horses, word doc
Revising Equine Nutrient Requirements, note: you need to sign in to see this one
USEF Endurance Training Session
Carbohydrate Metabolism in Horses
Feeding the Endurance horse
Horse Nutrition 101
Equine Nutrition by Susan Garlinghouse, DVM
Horse Nutrition 101
Feeding the Performance Horse, Washington State University
Feeding the Performance Horse, Texas A & M University
Carbohydrate Metabolism in Horses , Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
The Horse Owners Guide To Tye-Up , Dr Peter Gillespie. BVSc MACVS.
Nutritional Concerns for Exercising Horses, Oklahoma State University
Nutrition of the Performance Horse, University of Kentucky
Feeding Management Of Horses Under Stressful Conditions , Joe D. Pagan, Kentucky Equine Research
New Insights Related to the Nutritional Management of Endurance Horses, in pdf
Feeding Horses at the 2000 Olympics
Glycemic index of cracked corn, oat groats and rolled barley in horses
Effects of cereal grain supplementation on apparent digestibility of nutrients and concentrations of fermentation end-products in the feces and serum of horses consuming alfalfa cubes

Causes of Colic
Colic in horses, in pdf
Risk factors associated with colic in horses, in pdf
Pub Med Abstract, Dietary and other management factors associated with colic in horses.
Pub Med Abstract, Feeding practices associated with colic in horses.
Pub Med Abstract, Clinical features of blister beetle poisoning in equids: 70 cases (1983-1996).

Online Videos & Radio Shows
Horse Talk
Equine Skeletal Topics, with Dr. Deb Bennett
High Speed Connection
Courtney Hart on Endurance Riding
Conformation with Dean Scoggins
Low Speed Connection
Courtney Hart on Endurance Riding
Conformation with Dean Scoggins
High Speed Connection
What it’s like to manage an endurance ride.
Low Speed Connection
What it’s like to manage an endurance ride.

Hoofboots, Shoeing (or not)

Renegade Hoof Boots
Hoof Measuring Chart
Boots and Pads: A True Breakthrough In Healing, Pete Ramey
Iron Free Hoof
Hoof Biomechanics

Easyboot 101: Part 1, by Karen Chaton

Easyboot 101: Part 2, by Karen Chaton
EasyCare, Inc., and Karen’s Endurance Musings Blog
Barefoot Links, Information on The Barefoot Horse
Hoofcare & Lameness Magazine
Karen’s Hoof Boot Pages

AERC Mentors Page

Electrolytes & Hydration
Electrolyte Comparison by Karen Chaton
Water and Electrolyte Balance in the Exercising Horse
Preventing Dehydration in the Endurance Horse, by Gayle Ecker
Do Electrolytes Really Help During Endurance Exercise?
Hydration effects on physiological strain of horses during exercise-heat stress, University of Guelph
Influence of training on sweating responses during submaximal exercise in horses, University of Guelph
Pub Med Abstract, Body weight, hematologic findings, and serum and plasma biochemical findings of horses competing in a 48-, 83-, or 159-km endurance ride under similar terrain and weather conditions.
Pub Med Abstract, Effect of repeated oral administration of hypertonic electrolyte solution on equine gastric mucosa.
Pub Med Abstract, Effects of oral potassium supplementation on acid-base status and plasma ion concentrations of horses during endurance exercise.

Supplements, Medications & Vaccinations
Pub Med Abstract, A multicenter evaluation of the effectiveness of Quest((R)) Gel (2% moxidectin) against parasites infecting equids.
EHV-1, Rhinopneumonitis
Suggested Immunization Schedule for Horses, by UC Davis
Don’t Use Knock-Off Versions of Medications Or Your Horse Will Be The Victim
Articles on Calcium and Mineral Supplements
Vitamin Requirements in Athletic Horses
Pub Med Abstract, Blood serum branched chain amino acids and tryptophan modifications in horses competing in long-distance rides of different length.
Myths and Truths About Controlling Pain and Inflammation in Horses
Pub Med Abstract, Antioxidant supplementation and subsequent oxidative stress of horses during an 80-km endurance race.
Carbohydrates in Performance Horses, by Tom Ivers (I wasn’t really sure where to put this one)
Organic Selenium
Effect of Selenium Source on selenium digestibility, in pdf
Effects Of Dietary Yeast Culture Supplementation During The Conditioning Period On Equine Exercise Physiology , in pdf
Pub Med Abstract, Cardio-respiratory, haematological and biochemical parameter adjustments to exercise: effect of a probiotic in horses during training.

Joint Supplements
Pub Med Abstract, Effects of glucosamine hydrochloride and chondroitin sulphate, alone and in combination, on normal and interleukin-1 conditioned equine articular cartilage explant metabolism.
Pub Med Abstract, Effects of an orally administered mixture of chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine hydrochloride and manganese ascorbate on synovial fluid chondroitin sulfate 3B3 and 7D4 epitope in a canine cruciate ligament transection model of osteoarthritis.
Pub Med Abstract, Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate are effective in the management of osteoarthritis.
Pub Med Abstract, In vivo chondroprotection and metabolic synergy of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate.
Pub Med Abstract, Inhibition of articular cartilage degradation by glucosamine-HCl and chondroitin sulphate.

Gastric Ulcers in Horses
Do endurance horses have ulcers?
Pub Med Abstract, Effects of dietary oils on the development of gastric ulcers in mares.
The FAQs of EGUS
Gastrogard, United States
Pub Med Abstract, Effects of treatment with omeprazole or ranitidine on gastric squamous ulceration in racing Thoroughbreds.
Equine Gastric Ulcers: Special Care and Nutrition
Gastric Ulceration in Sport Horses
Gastric Ulcers in the Adult Horse
Virginia Tech Research
New Research Shows Colonic Ulcers Significant Risk for Performance Horses
Pub Med Abstract, Prevalence of gastric ulcers in endurance horses–a preliminary report.

Human Gastric Ulcer Medication – Side Effects?
Microscopic colitis: the tip of an omeprazole iceberg?
Effects of proton pump inhibitors on the colon.
Pub Med Abstract, Rebound acid hypersecretion after long-term inhibition of gastric acid secretion.
Pub Med Abstract, Antiulcer drugs and gastric cancer.

A Humane Use of the Equine Athlete, research on AERC statistics
Pub Med
Find Articles
Google Scholar

Trailering & Hauling Horses
Pub Med Abstract, Effects of cross-tying horses during 24 h of road transport.
Pub Med Abstract, Physiological responses of horses to 24 hours of transportation using a commercial van during summer conditions.
Pub Med Abstract, Dehydration, stress, and water consumption of horses during long-distance commercial transport.
Pub Med Abstract, Effects of road transport on indices of stress in horses.
Pub Med Abstract, Immunological response to long-term transport stress in mature horses and effects of adaptogenic dietary supplementation as an immunomodulator.

Vet Checks
What to pack in your crewbag,
by Karen Chaton

Stories about People
Virl Norton
Wendell Robie

Glowbars, good link for ride managers who need these
Encourage Your Congressmen to CoSponsor Right to Ride Legislation
Snap Files, great place to get freeware and shareware to help make your computer run better–try Tune Up Utilities 2006, or Ad Aware for example
Animated Knots
Horse Conformation and Movement
Conversion Calculator, so you can figure out it takes 1.6907 tbsp of liquid fenbendazole (Panacur) to worm a 1000 pound horse ;^), and 3.3814 tbsp per day to do the double dose purge (x 5 days)
Let the Bad Times Roll, Outside Magazine. Be sure to read “That Which Does Not Kill You…”
Applying Sweat Bandages
UC Davis page on West Nile Virus
Poisonous Plants
Horse Anatomy
Phrannie, great website for info about RV stuff
Plastic Nametags, from Fosters & Smith, ID for your horses tack and other items.
Metal Nametags, these last longer than the plastic ones.
RV Dump Stations in California
Road Trip Fuel Cost Calculator
Sierra Trading Post
Google Earth
Garmin 301, (best price) combination HRM and GPS & VMAX, Adapter for Garmin HRM to work on a horse
Country Supply
All Star Health
Firefox, and Firefox Extensions, (way better than Internet Explorer)

3 comments to Endurance Rider Education

  • Cindy Collins

    Hi, Karen. Thanks so much for your note on your 4 star trailer. I know that you’ve written extensively on “tricking out” your trailer for endurance, but I can’t find that blog title. I’d really like to see it, again. Also, which hi ties (brand) do you use? Cindy

  • Hi Cindy – I like the hi-ties from They are quiet! I don’t use a bungee tie on it though, you can see more about that on my trailer ties page (link at top of my site).

    are you asking about things I’ve done inside the trailer, or outside for the horses? There is a bunch of stuff.

    We set the trailer up to go a week or two at a time and have it entirely run on solar, so have a big solar panel on top and it does the job. I also have the ability to carry a fairly large amount of water – handy to have on point to point rides or even just ones where you don’t have easy access to water. Mostly I’ve set things up to make life as easy as possible for me.

  • Hey Karen, I don’t see this link on your Education page… I think it would be a great addition under Getting Started!

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