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Astro Photography

I’m going to start adding Dave’s photos here.  They’ll be small, so click to enlarge and see them bigger!  To learn more about each photo, click on this link to the “Astro Photography” category on my main page.  Or go to Astro Bin for more details that will show where each image is located in the sky.   Photos taken by Dave Chaton / South Side of the Sky Observatory in Northern Nevada, USA!



2903neb (Medium)

tulip (Medium)


15 comments to Astro Photography

  • Rich Childs

    Dave, I for one enjoy all the photos that you do. I also share these with my two grandsons and would love to be able to see all that you see through your scope. Thanks again for taking the pictures and thanks to Karen for posting them both here and on FB.

  • Annie G

    Dave this is awesome!! I always love your pictures, they are everybit as good as anything on the net. Thanks for sharing…..

  • I agree with Annie…I always love seeing Karen post new pics of yours. I am a long time astro buff and these pics are as good, if not better, than a lot of stuff out there in mags and the web. I am so jealous of your Scope. Want one too! Course we rarely have clear skies here, so it would be a pointless purchase. So I have to live vicariously through your pics. Thanks for the work you put into them!

  • Jonni

    Love them. prettier than some of those pictures from rides, but don’t tell Karen! Are you going to be able to take your equipment along on the XP and take advantage of some WY sky???

    You should start a blog yourself or something and share more!!!

  • Julienne

    Simply stunning! The universe is so brilliantly colored.. loving these.

  • Lif

    Fabulous photos – I want to see more!

  • Maryben

    Wow, cool pics.

  • Joanne

    Very cool…thanks for sharing.

  • Susan G

    These are awesome, really, really beautiful. I would expect to see photos like these coming from NASA. More, please!

  • Mike

    Beautiful – very well done. As good as I’ve seen in many large observatory photos.

  • Susan Brehm

    These are amazing! I especially love the blue and pink one, and the one with the big swirls of red and pink. They make me want to make a painting!

  • Laney H

    These are spectacular, Dave. They are works of art and right up there with anything in Nat. Geographic or Discover or Scientific American. You must be among the world’s most patient people because Karen says these are composites of many, many photos. Keep it up and keep sharing. I feel very priviledged to be among those that get to see these. Laney

  • Gesa

    I am always in awe looking at these photos & the others you’ve shared with us. If it wasnt for you and your talent & patience we would never get to see things like this. I brag to my friends about knowing you personally and how you take photos of the cosmos. Dont laugh, Im serious. I started bragging about your photos, meeting you and having the privilege of seeing your telescope.
    It is just sooooo cool. Please keep sharing your photos with us. Thanks

  • Becky H

    Just amazing, Dave. You really need to publish these. Have you ever submitted any to a photo contest?

  • Patty D

    Dave, you’ve got some serious talent! These should be published in a book for the world to view! Thanks for sharing!

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