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My sweetwater recipe

12938109_10207565617072827_259257814074245641_nEver since I posted about this on my FB wall, I’ve gotten more requests for the recipe and have had a huge amount of positive feedback at every single ride I’ve been to.  This stuff may not work for everyone, but since so many have given me such positive feedback I thought I’d post it in my blog as it can be a big benefit for your horse.

This honestly is not MY recipe, as this has been used for many years by endurance riders and it was shared with me by a good friend at an endurance ride last year at a vet check when Chief came in and fell in love with one particular bucket that I thought was sweaty water (dirty from a sponge).  However, it turned out to be this “sweetwater” which is so very simple, and yet so many horses totally love the stuff!  So thank you for this ultimately goes to P.K. and B.K. for sharing their bucket of sweetwater with my horse and then telling me what was in it!

9604_10207504378341897_7838731817698164367_nSweetwater Recipe:

2 Cups stabilized rice bran

2 gallons of water

1 ounce of electrolytes or salt


I started with using 2 gallons of water initially and have been able to work up to nearly filling an entire 5 gallon bucket.  Make sure you use stabilized rice bran.  Of course, you are free to experiment with other types of horse feed to see if your horse may like something else better.

I prefer to only offer this to my horses after they have been worked.  It’s not a normal every-day thing, as I want them to feel that it is a treat.  I will give them a sweetwater in their stalls the night before we are due to trailer too.  That helps to ensure that they will be a little bit better hydrated.

12928418_10207565617312833_2197095029285748957_nI have found that when I have used this sweetwater with my horses before traveling and at rides that they continue to drink regular water even better than before.  It’s simply amazing!  Always be sure to also offer regular water in addition to this so your horse will have a choice.  At one recent ride, I added up that Bo took in approximately 15 gallons of water on the day before the ride.  He was peeing like a firehose all weekend long!! An average horse takes in 5 to 10 gallons of water per day.  It feels great knowing that he was going to be starting his 50 the next morning so well hydrated.

12240149_10207504379301921_3865976904912656624_nBoth Chief and Bo love their sweetwater!  Below is a video showing Bo at a recent endurance ride.  Is this guy a pro or what?  I mean really – he just completely cleaned up a super wet Elk Grove Milling mash, drank a bucket of sweetwater and now he’s working on hay.  Great job Bo, as usual!

Feel free to share this recipe with your friends.  If it can help encourage better drinking in other horses that’s awesome!


Even the dogs liked the sweetwater!



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