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Something to try if you have sore feet


Muddy feet!

My feet have been bothering me for some time. The left one is worse due to a horse stomping on it many years ago. After I did Tevis last year both of my feet felt numb and tingly for a couple of weeks afterwards. I went to the chiropractor and used the hot tub frequently and tried anti-inflammatories.

Nothing really seemed to help. I just sort of ended up accepting it and living with my feet being sore and going numb off and on. Of course, riding endurance didn’t help but I learned to go up a size on my shoes and changed stirrups which helped but nothing I did had really worked.

Last week I just happened to click on a link that took me to a page explaining how to do a bentonite clay detox on your feet. I read about it and thought….hmmmm….what have I got to lose? May as well give this a try!  Especially since I had everything I needed on hand already.

I mixed up about a half a cup of Chief and Bo’s Daily Gold from Redmond (it is bentonite clay) in a glass bowl with a few spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar – just enough to make it a muddy paste, sort of like the consistency of frosting. Makes sure you use a plastic or wooden utensil to stir with, not metal.


Daily Gold does say not for human consumption. My horses get this every day. I believe that it really helps keep their guts happy and healthy. Both horses have not had any health issues in the last two years that they have been on Daily Gold; even better that they are doing so well and have not needed any types of various other supplements or ulcer treatments. Yay!

Daily_Gold Then I got one of the horse buckets and filled it with really hot water and set it aside on a towel on the floor next to where I was planning on sitting. Then I painted the clay on my feet with a basting brush. I let it sit for about 25 minutes to the point that it was just starting to slightly dry out. Next I put my feet into the hot water and let them soak for another 20 to 25 minutes.

I rinsed the clay off when finished and towel dried my feet. Now this is where it gets totally amazing – my feet felt great!

I thought, well, it could just be because of the hot soaking let’s give it a couple of days and see what happens. As it turned out, my feet no longer felt numb or tingly at all. In fact, I don’t even notice my feet. It’s been wonderful being able to sleep, walk, ride, and not notice my feet feeling numb or tingly.

I don’t know if this will last, or if it will work for anybody else but wanted to share just in case it could help somebody. I sure wish I had known to do this last August after I did Tevis. I am going to keep doing the clay detox and hot water soak every week.  You can imagine that I’ve been doing a happy dance this week, so thrilled to finally have some relief.


Redmond also makes products specifically for human use.

Bentonite clay is one of the most powerful healing clays available. Its strong negative charge bonds to the positive charge of toxins and heavy metals. So when it comes in contact with a toxin or heavy metal, the clay will actually absorb it and then release its minerals for the body to use. Rather than go into more detail I’ll share the link to Redmond Clay that has a great site explaining the benefits of their clay. Be sure to check out the video library if you are interested in learning more about ways that using bentonite clay can help.  I already knew how my horses were benefiting from using Daily Gold, now I’m totally sold on using Redmond clay products on myself.

Here is a Pinterest page with more info on the topic.

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