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Hadji Wins 2010 AHA Distance Horse of the Year

Photo by Steve Bradley.

Stephanie wrote me about the honor of having Hadji receive the Arabian Horse Association Distance Horse of the Year Award.  Since it’s inception, they have chosen some really nice horses to receive this award, including my Cheefy.

I think it’s a great award that has been given to horses that really go the distance and I’m happy that several of these horses have belonged to friends of  mine.  It’s also kind of cool that Chief won it the first year I pulled his shoes, and now here is Hadji showing that multiple horses can really go the distance without the need for nailed on shoes.

From Stephanie:  “Hadji has competed in Endurance consecutively for 11 seasons now. At 18 years young he has accumulated 5810 endurance miles and is still going strong. Over the years Hadji has won many regional, national, breed awards and the XP gold medal award in 2006. Stephanie and Hadji are a decade team. Hadji has a impressive endurance record with 116 finishes out of 119 starts with 90 finishes in the top 20. Half of Hadji’s endurance rides he has finished in the top ten. Hadji is a testament to the Arabian horse breed’s athleticism, consistency, stamina, and durability. Impressively 5300 of Hadji’s endurance miles were completed after he was 12 years old. Stephanie believes what has extended Hadji’s career and also the main reason he is still competing today is because he is barefoot and competes with boots. Stephanie transitioned Hadji barefoot in 2007 and is not looking back. Stephanie explains how Hadji’s movement, stride, attitude and recovery has improved dramatically since being barefoot. Stephanie wants to thank the Arabian Horse Association for this special award and looks forward to continueing with Hadji’s endurance career as long as he still shows his enthusiastic and forward attitude of going down the trail.”

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Memorial to an XP horse – Montana

~ Ode to Montana ~

Snowflakes are falling the hilltop is quiet. Rest my Friend under a soft white blanket I still hear your nicker, a whisper, Feel your warm breath, Against my face I wonder….

Together we had the best of times A body can have, You made my Spirit soar in our quest

So many miles you carried me on your back, Together we lived Glory of the Old West The “Old

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Australian Hoof Conference Review Day 2

Dr. Chris Pollitt. Photo by Alex Gard.

I’m only going to be going into a general overview in my blog, because I’m writing a more in depth article for Trail Blazer.  I may also from time to time post additional posts on various topics.

On to the second day of the hoof conference!  I took a lot of notes, both by hand and on my little netbook.  I type at least 120 wpm,

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Horse identification tags

It’s time for me to order some new I.D. tags for my horses.  I braid these metal ID tags into the horses manes when I travel with the horses or when attending rides or other events. I also have these ID tags on other items such as on each saddle, halters and bridles, my crewbag, horse blankets – basically anything that I’d like to get returned in case it gets borrowed or misplaced.


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