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Entering rides online

I think I finally got some of the final tweaks done on the entry form pages for both XP and Sunrise Ranch Rides.  There are so few people that can’t enter online these days that we have totally done away with paper entry forms.  Riders who don’t have a computer themselves are usually able to get a friend or relative to submit an entry and print out directions for each ride for them.


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Five and twenty five (thousand)

Karen and Chief showing off 2009 XP Awards!

Should I have had it say "Karen and Cheefy"??? {g}

Home from being gone for three weeks.  In that time I got to ride five days of endurance rides on my horses, and Bo got five stitches in his head.

I’ve got a lot to blog about, but just haven’t had the time.  It’s kind of funny – as I thought I would

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Wildflowers at Cuyama

The flowers this year are phenomenal.  The trails are literally covered in brilliant colors – green, yellow, purples, orange and white.

It’s slow going marking trail when you have to stop and gawk at all of the scenery!

Bo and I rode with Kerry today to mark more trail by horseback.  I think I’ll take Chief out tomorrow, he’s getting kind of ticked off at me but I thought it would be good for

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2010 Bar H Ride Photos & Results

Bar H Endurance Ride

Here are a few photos from the Bar H ride that was March 13 & 14, 2010 in Perris, Ca.  As you can see we were blessed with absolutely gorgeous weather for both days of the ride.

The results have already been sent the the AERC.  You can also view them on the Sunrise Ranch Rides website, or by clicking on these links:

50 mile results

25 mile

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Bar H Renegade Boot Update

Chief at Bar H. Photo by Lynne Glazer.

I rode Chief both days at Bar H (100 miles) plus marking trail in a new pair of strap on Renegades with built in gel pads. I thought I would do a quick update so others can learn about them.

We had a great ride all three days (1=trail marking, 2=50 mile rides) and I was happy with how Chief felt over the rocks and

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This ride has some hills….

I took 157 photos today but will need more time to do something with them. Here are a couple of the trail. There were some nice wildflowers out and lots of green grass. The horses did well and we had a great ride. Chief rode with a group all day of 3 or 4 and did extremely well. He was doing his power walk all day which was super. The winning time on

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Friday evening at Bar H

Had a gorgeous day as you can see by the beautiful blue sky!  Dave rode out with us but Tigger acted up when he had some…uhhh….tack type issues.  I didn’t see it but I heard that the rodeo that ensued was quite entertaining.  It’s amazing that Dave stays on as well as he does.

I rode Chief and we had a good day.  We got to mark the trail in the equestrian park, then

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Bar H ride coming up

Chief and Bo are playing and having a good time!

I think the horses like their new haircuts! It has been nice enough to take their blankets off during the day.

Tomorrow we are heading to Perris, CA for the Bar H ride where the horses will get to enjoy sunny and 70’ish degree weather.

It looks like there will be a good turnout for the ride this weekend, especially if the

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Body clipping the horses – my bay horse looks like a mouse!

Here are some photos of my horses from today.  I body clipped both Chief and Bo.  Next week I’ll be going down to Bar H in Perris, Ca.  My horses will hardly need their heavy winter coats.  I like to clip a week ahead of time, that way their coats have some time to grow back in a bit.  My clippers don’t cut real short to begin with, so it works out really nice. 

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The Twenty Eleven Ride, Part 7

This is the third of three articles that I wrote for Endurance News after the 2001 XP ride.  This one was about the accomplishments of the horses and riders.  It was pretty amazing when you think about it.  Here is an excerpt:

230 horses were ridden 67,400 AERC miles by 104 riders in eight weeks. That works out to 1,348 fifty mile rides. This in itself is quite amazing, given that there are a few regions in the AERC that don’t contribute this much mileage over an entire year.

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