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XP Lost and Found

Here are photos of some things left at XP rides in the last year.  If any of these belong to you, email me and let me know who you are and if you know somebody that will be at Bryce, Virgin Rim or Grand Canyon rides that we can send your item home

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The Grandview Trail

[Show picture list] jQuery(‘#ngg-slideshow-aa8ed6cd185058e89fe6d83ec4c00730-16433040990-image-list’).hide().removeClass(‘ngg-slideshow-nojs’); jQuery(function($) { jQuery(‘#ngg-slideshow-aa8ed6cd185058e89fe6d83ec4c00730-16433040990’).nggShowSlideshow({ id: ‘aa8ed6cd185058e89fe6d83ec4c00730’, fx: ‘fade’, width: 640, height: 480, domain: ‘’, timeout: 4000 }); }); Here are a few photos from the Grandview trail that is part of the Bryce Canyon XP in Utah, where we ride a lot under the rim – pink cliffs.  It’s gorgeous, of course.  This year is extra special because some new trail has been reopened that hasn’t been available to be

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Bryce XP 2009

I can’t even begin to choose a favorite photo from the Bryce Canyon XP.  I’ve had some of my favorite photos made into enlargements and framed.  It’s hard to take a bad photo with scenery like this!

The scenery is truly beautiful and almost surreal when you ride through it.  I always find a certain peace and tranquility there, knowing that all of the beautiful pink and orange hoodoos and cliff formations will eventually

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Horse eye photos of stitches and warts, oh boy!

I took these photos today and managed to get all three horses in the photos.  Bo is the bay (brown) colored horse that has developed a case of warts.

Yesterday I scraped the outer surface off of the warts and am now waiting to see if they’ll clear up on their own.  I have been concerned that the warts would grow enough to be in the way of his bridle making it hard

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Couple of fun horse videos

Here are a couple of horse videos, enjoy!  I’ve been busy stacking hay this week.  Just got a large squeeze load which is around 80 bales of really large three wire bales.  It’s a gorgeous, 2nd cutting grass mix that is also weed free certified.  I wish the hay storage area was high enough to put the squeeze in, but alas…it’s a bit short for that.  Guess it’s good exercise, right?  The horses aren’t

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Rinsing beet pulp and hoof trimming tools

I took a few photos of my trimming tools. The first one is my hoofjack, rasp, measuring tools – for toe length and hoof angle, and hoof pick.

I know, I’m probably a little bit in over-kill mode when it comes to my horses feet.  I always measure to make sure everything is where it should be.

Why do I do this?  Well, check out this article posted on the Horse Science

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Eastern High Sierra Classic Endurance Ride Photos 2009

I put up a huge album of photos from the ride yesterday. There are photos from three of us – two riders. Mine are bay colored ears and Sue’s photos grey colored. Here are a few of the photos. To see the entire album, click here.

This was Jackie’s 24th year for this ride and it is as popular as ever.  It filled to the limit this year and camp was packed. 

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EHSC 50 Video. Photos coming soon!

Food Inc, the Movie

Food, Inc. will be coming out in theaters soon.  This documentary takes on the debate over corporate farming and environmental consciousness to a wide audience.  The reviews so far have mostly been good with some citing an extreme viewpoint on the topic.  It is not a bad thing to question where our food comes from!  Most of us don’t pay very much attention to where the stuff we eat comes from, much less spend time thinking about the politics of how our food is produced.

Check out the trailer, click on the link at the start of this post and read some into and tips below the video about eating healthier.  You can also visit this page to read more reviews and check movie times in your area.  If anybody sees Food, Inc., let me know what you thought!  I couldn’t find a listing for it close by, so will wait till I hear about it in the local news.

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The AERC National Championship is only a month away!

The AERC National Championship ride for 2009 is being held in beautiful Greenville, California at a privately owned summer camp called Copper Creek.

The ride is 2 hours from Lake Tahoe, 30 minutes from Lassen National Park, and about 5 hours from the San Francisco Bay Area. Camp will be in a large meadow with plenty of room for RV’s and large rigs.

The 100 mile ride takes

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